Risks of Towing Vehicles by Yourself

Towing go wrong

Though it may seem like a fast, reasonable solution, DIY towing should never be an option for vehicle owners who are serious about keeping their cars in optimal condition. Following are some reasons DIY towing can harm vehicles and why you should trust a professional for vehicle towing service.

Towing Capacity

When the hitch cannot support the weight of the towed vehicle, damage will occur. Tow trucks are designed to withstand more weight, also they come with stronger axles, frames, engines and a maximum gross weight rating. Surpassing the maximum towing capacity will encumber the braking and handling of the vehicle on the road. Even if it is successfully towed, there could be invisible damage which will decrease the durability of the makeshift towing vehicle. Exceeding weight gives unnecessary pressure to the engine and this may cause overheating. The brakes and transmission will be worn down, or even fail to function well. Nonprofessional towing does not account for the gross weight rating, and this could risk the life of the driver, the improvised tow truck and the towed vehicle.

Connection Mechanics

Most people who tow vehicles by themselves will only use a rope to tie to the towed vehicle. Tow ropes are used for pulling vehicles from ditches, and requires knowledge of how to use them. Using the wrong kind of rope or chain is dangerous, and this is what most amateurs do not know. When an unsafe, unsecured connection is made, the vehicle being towed will experience bumper damage and break loose during a tow. It will be much safer to use a trailer, tow bar or tow dolly. When both the mechanical and physical connections of the towed vehicle are malfunctioned, other drivers will not see the brake lights or direction signals. This will put the towing driver and the nearby cars at risk of possible accidents.

Driving Methods

Driving with a towed vehicle is not the same as driving freely. The amateur towing driver may not know how to handle the vehicle on the road. The towing vehicle will make wider turns to ensure the towed vehicle does not hit the curb. If driving up or down hills, special attention and focus is needed to control the vehicle. Speeding or merging in other lanes can cause swaying of the towed vehicle, which can be very dangerous if the hitch or the connection of the towed vehicle comes loose. If the wheels of the towed vehicle are on the ground, the transmission have to set at neutral to prevent engine or tires from suffering damage.

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