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Wheel Lift Towing

The Commonly Used and Effective Wheel Lift Towing

This is one common towing method for towing companies. Wheel lift towing can help the driver to reach out and pick up a car, move it to a safer location for strapping. On certain occasions, with the right models with the remotes and rear view cameras, the driver can even do it all without leaving the towing truck.



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Our team has variety of wheel lift tow trucks. No matter you have a regular car, motorcycle or a heavy duty vehicle, just call us up for our service. There are many advantages when using wheel lift towing. For example, it is easier to get into small spaces. Also it is easy to get small vehicles up on to the road.


All Car Tow Service Alhambra are proud in providing efficient and quality towing services, so you can get that vehicle out of a rough spot or a highway. Let team of professional and experienced technicians take care of any and all of your towing needs.


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