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Flatbed Towing

Flatbed Towing – The Most Demanded Service


At All Car Tow Service Alhambra, the flatbed tow truck is the equipment that we use frequently for towing vehicles. However it is even more commonly used for cars that are involved in accidents. The reason why this truck is requested frequently by customers is because they feel that their vehicle is a lot safer on top of the truck, and not touching the ground. This type of truck or towing method can be used for both light vehicles and heavy duty vehicles. For instance, some flatbed towing that we perform are for buses or motor homes. Flatbed tow truck is one of our high performance equipment, due to its wide range of applications.



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When you wish to move your car from one point to another, flatbed trucks are surely your best bet. These specialized trucks will help to tow your vehicles whenever you are stranded. Even though other companies such as haulage companies offer similar services, hiring their services may cost you a lot more. You do not need to worry about costs when you call us. Our flatbed trucks are in well-maintained conditions. Furthermore, you can be sure our excellent service is also very affordable. For some people, size matters. However size is not an issue to us. Be it a sedan, sports vehicle, bus, exotic car, we can handle all these. Our pride in service and professionalism will be reflected in by our actions. Just call us, our experienced technicians and crews are on standby to serve you.



Alhambra Flatbed Towing - (626) 240-2770

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